In May 2018 Paul Francis, Director of the Max Planck Insitute for Software Systems and Co-Founder of Aircloak was invited to the LINC (Laboratoire d’Innovation Numérique de la CNIL) in Paris. As a subunit of the French data protection authority CNIL, the lab’s mission is to reflect, inform and share on emerging trends in digital and data usage. They also conduct experimental projects and are involved in the development of prototyping tools, services or concepts around data.

At the meeting, Paul presented the Aircloak bounty program and the methods we developed for assigning numerical measures to anonymization techniques. They discussed how these measures might apply to certification programs for anonymization. One result of the meeting is the following interview in which Paul talks about on how the current challenges of anonymization should be approached: “We can achieve very good anonymity and still provide useful analytics.”

Thanks to the people at LINC and CNIL for the interesting discussions. We are looking forward to many more!

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