Aircloak Insights

Aircloak Insights is a transparent proxy between analysts and the sensitive data they want to work with. Analysts query the system with SQL, like they are used to, and Aircloak Insights writes a query tailored to the the backend storing the data.

All query results are aggregate and always fully anonymized.

Anonymization tailored to the query

Aircloak Insights' anonymization is tailored to the given query and the data it accesses. By detecting per-query which values might be identifying, Aircloak maximizes data accuracy while strongly protecting individuals. Contrast this with traditional ahead-of–time anonymization which greatly distorts data in order to protect against every possible future query.

With Aircloak you can slice and dice your data any way you wish. You can even safely parse text fields that contain personally identifying information like email addresses or credit card numbers. Aircloak detects when a query requests too much detail, and anonymizes accordingly.

Anonymization tailored to the query

Many ways to query

You can query Aircloak Insights using the query editor in our popular web interface Insights Air, issue queries over our HTTP REST API, or connect from any tool that knows how to communicate with a Postgres database.

Full control

Insights Air, the web control centre shipping as part of Aircloak Insights, offers you full control over your data. With the built in authentication and authorization analysts only see datasets they are permitted to access, and administrators gain full visibility into system health, live queries as they run, as well as historic events using the audit log.

Expert mode

For the expert analyst Aircloak Insights offers the ability to execute complex queries. Aircloak Insights supports nested subqueries and joins, using views and all common functions and aggregates.

Showing an advanced query


Sometimes writing SQL feels too much like living in the last century. Data visualisation tools like Tableau allow you visually interact with your data rather than manually write queries. As Insights Air understands the language of the Postgres Database, querying Tableau to Aircloak is trivial.

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