Aircloak Insights

Aircloak Insights is a transparent proxy between analysts and the sensitive data they want to work with. Analysts query the system with SQL or dashboards like Tableau and Aircloak Insights writes a query tailored to the the backend storing the data which may be SQL or a NoSQL big data store.

All query results are aggregate and always fully anonymised.

Many ways to query

Aircloak Insights integrates in your existing workflow.

You can query your sensitive datasets using the query editor in our easy-to-use web interface Insights Air, or connect your existing dashboards or business intelligence tools, like Tableau, or other tools that know how to communicate with Postgres databases, or using Aircloak Insights RESTful HTTP API.

With Aircloak Insights analysts can stay in the environments they know and are already comfortable in. Be it a notebook in R Studio or Jupyter, programmatically issuing queries from the command line, or a drag and drop business intelligence dashboard builder like Tableau.

Works with your existing SQL and NoSQL databases

Aircloak Insights is installed in front of and connects to your existing database servers.

You do not need to make any changes to your databases or their schemas. This has many benefits: Firstly the time it takes to go from an idea to a working deployment is minimal. Secondly you do not need to create, maintain and safe-guard additional copies of your data.


Aircloak Insights consists of two separate components:
Insights Air and Insights Cloak.

Aircloak Deployment

Insights Cloak analyses and anonymises sensitive data as requested by Insights Air. Both components are deployed as docker containers, and run equally well on bare metal servers as on your infrastructure of virtual machines.
Insights Cloak can be deployed within the secure perimeter of your data sources without requiring access from external components. This way no sensitive data ever leaves the sanctity of your secure networks, only safely anonymised query results. This results in reduced risk and peace of mind.

Insights Air and Insights Cloak can be independently scaled and managed. This allows you to tailor the deployment to your organisations query needs.

Insights Air, the web control centre shipping as part of Aircloak Insights, offers you full control over your data. With the built-in authentication and authorization analysts only see datasets they are permitted to access, and administrators gain full visibility into system health, live queries as they run, as well as historic events using the audit log.

Anonymisation tailored to the query:
Aircloak Insights’ anonymisation is tailored to the given query and the data it accesses. This yields high quality analytics with minimal distortion.

How our approach to anonymisation works

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