About Aircloak

At Aircloak, our ultimate goal is to create value for society by enabling responsible use of personal data.

Privacy protection is one of the most pressing topics of our time.

In a world where data collection about everything – and everyone – is ubiquitous, human data grows ten times faster than traditional business data, and the advent of artificial intelligence and more and more automated decisions, privacy by design must be a leading principle for organisations worldwide.

Aircloak’s founders realised this in 2012, and came together at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in Germany with a simple idea: replacing the slow and error-prone manual processes of the time with automated solutions (Privacy Software – now known as “Privacy Enhancing Technologies”, PET).

Since then, Aircloak has worked closely with the Max Planck Society, who also became an investor and shareholder later in the company history. Aircloak’s patented technology is based on years of research and international collaboration, and is already in use at several European companies.

Aircloak was founded by Felix Bauer, Paul Francis and Sebastian Eide, and its management team was recently joined by Felix Schupp.

The Aircloak Team

Felix Bauer

Felix Bauer studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge before starting work at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in Germany.

Felix is well-known and regarded in the privacy community in Germany and a popular speaker in the field of privacy and security.
In his free time, he is a competitive archer and an avid sailor.

Sebastian Probst Eide

Sebastian Probst Eide is CTO and responsible for the technical development of Aircloak Insights.

During his studies of computer science in Cambridge, he worked on the development of several mobile apps and interned at Google in in Mountain View, California.

Paul Francis

Paul Francis is a tenured faculty at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in Germany.

Paul has held research positions at Cornell University, ACIRI, NTT Software Labs, Bellcore,and MITRE, and was Chief Scientist at two Silicon Valley startups. In the past, Paul’s research centered around routing and addressing problems in the Internet and P2P networks. Paul’s innovations include NAT, shared-tree multicast, the first P2P multicast system, the first DHT (as part of landmark routing), and Virtual Aggregation.
In recent years, Paul’s research has focused on online privacy with a focus on anonymized analytics.


April 2014 Foundation of Aircloak GmbH in Kaiserslautern with investors Max Planck Innovation and Elephant & Castle
October 2014 Aircloak wins Cisco’s IoT Security Grand Challenge
2015 – 2016 Aircloak wins the Cisco & Pioneers Innovator Prize and joins the Cisco Entrepeneurs in Residence Program
June 2016 Aircloak wins BNP Paribas’ Finance Innovation Lab at VivaTech Paris
August 2016 Opening of the headquarter in Berlin, Germany
June 2017 CNIL confirms Aircloak Insight’s compliance with the three criteria for anonymisation as set on EU level by the Working Party 29
August 2017 Aircloak Insights is implemented in the first customer production environment
October 2017 Speedinvest and Constantia New Business join with $1.3M equity investment to the existing shareholders