Aircloak is winner of the Handelsblatt Diamond Star Digital Banking Award!

With so many start-up awards in Germany, there is a mixed feeling – the applications are time-consuming and the outcome is often uncertain – but we did not hesitate when we had the opportunity to apply for the Handelsblatt Diamond Star Digital Banking Award. We firmly believe that data anonymization and our solution Aircloak Insights is of great benefit for any company in this highly regulated sector.

More generally speaking, the banking industry is facing far-reaching changes. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the second European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) are a response to the new requirements of digitisation. However, Fintechs in particular will benefit from the new Payment Service Directive, while banks will lose their decades-long monopoly to customer data. This is why new, innovative business models must be developed – and why data and their (privacy-compliant) analysis play a decisive role.

After submitting our application we received the great news that we are among the finalists in the ‘Early Stage Startup’ category and were invited to the Handelsblatt Bank Summit 2018 to Frankfurt am Main. The pitch should be held in a Pecha Kucha format – a Japanese presentation technique. The format is predefined: usually with 20 slides, each on the screen for exactly 20 seconds – but the Handelsblatt Pecha Kucha format was even shorter. Within 4 minutes the problem, solution and the company should be presented. That makes barely 12 seconds per slide – which will change completely automatically. Quite scarce! In this video you can see how the pitch went.

The audience was asked to vote for their favorite pitches – and the winner is… Aircloak!

After the pitches we had time to talk to the audience and make further contacts. In the evening of the first day the official award ceremony took place:

We would like to thank the Handelsblatt, the Euroforum as organizer of the event and everyone who voted for us!

Handelsblatt: “Diese 4 Fintechs haben die Jury mit innovativen Geschäftsideen überzeugt”

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