Introducing Diffix-Aspen…

June 2, 2017 by Felix Bauer

Data has been called “the new oil”. When providing our customers with solutions that help them secure/protect their assets, in this case the sensitive and often most valuable data they hold, there’s a lot of trust involved. Customers rely on their partner’s domain expertise, track record and testing of the product when making a purchase decision. In some cases, customers are even able to “look under the hood” of the technology they use, for example when it is open source (but even then, most organizations rely on the collective due diligence of a community).

Aircloak is based on many years of research into privacy preserving technologies, including research done with the Max Planck Institute in Germany. And as we introduced a new approach to database anonymization and preserving privacy in data sharing and analytics use cases, customers often feel the need to understand the methodologies implemented by Aircloak to achieve this. While Aircloak is not an open source product, we do want to provide a level of transparency to our customers and partners around how we help protect and make better use of their most valuable data while remaining compliant.

Introducing Diffix-Aspen…

At the Annual Privacy Forum 2017 in Vienna, Aircloak’s Chief Scientist Paul Francis will present an in-depth description of diffix-aspen, the first version of the anonymization methodology used in Aircloak’s products. The paper is technical in nature and probably of most interest to technical practitioners in the privacy protection and analytics field, such as data scientists, database analysts, etc.

The paper is available on here. For more information please contact

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